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모델 상태: 온라인 오프라인
35, 천칭, Colombia, Cali
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Do u wanna play with candles?
Do u wanna play with candles? 5 장 사진 5 photos
Sexy in red
Sexy in red 4 장 사진 4 photos
Im yours
Im yours 4 장 사진 4 photos
Sexy Laura
Sexy Laura 3 장 사진 3 photos
For My kings!
For My kings! 5 장 사진 5 photos
Sexy milf After Shaving
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Sexy in lingerie
Sexy in lingerie 6 장 사진 6 photos
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Lauratoro님의 주요 정보
성별 여성
관심 대상 여성, 남성
나이 35
신장 5' - 5'3" [150센티미터 - 160센티미터]
무게 100 - 120 파운드 [45 - 55 킬로그램]
헤어 흑발
인종 라티노/히스패닉
언어 영어, 스페인어
고향 Cali
음모 털 다듬었음
가슴 큰 사이즈
나를 흥분 시키는 것
I love being sensual, showing my lingerie and feeling very sexy, one of my favorite parts in the show is being able to reach the goal to satisfy all my desires and show you how I do it for you
내 소개
Hey, i'm Laura the sexy milf next dolor! Come chat have some fun and enjoy a great time with me!
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
I don't like guys who are demanding but not generous in my show, so if you come for something free you can only expect a simple conversation
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sweet dance for u sweet dance for u 4:15
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In your face In your face 5:58
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A quickie Cum A quickie Cum 3:12
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Hot like Always Hot like Always 1:26
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Be my King!
Be my King!
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DOMI!!  2 explode of pleasure
DOMI!! 2 explode of pleasure
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Support myBrand
Support myBrand
I'm building my accessories brand, be part of my dream, my project! thank you! ❤️
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23. 8. 27.
You’re so hot that you make the sun jealous
23. 7. 30.
You Are So HOT, Should I Call The Fire Department? :fire_show_txt_2
23. 7. 11.
best girl in private she made me come so fast, thanks lau xxx
23. 6. 11.
The most beautiful and sexy woman alive.